Complex Apps.

Simple Security.

See every dependency, drift, and risk in your applications.

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2021 Gartner DevSecOps Cool Vendor

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Why Bionic Is Unique

Real-Time Application Map

Bionic provides a real-time architecture map of your applications. Showing every service, API, dependency, data flow, and risk. 


Continuous & Automated

Every time your application. code or environment changes Bionic auto-updates your risk posture.

Easy to Integrate

Bionic is agentless, and integrates with your CI/CD pipelines in minutes.

Complete Risk Visibility

Bionic analyzes every drift, attack vector, and data privacy violation in your applications.

Use Cases

Application Architecture Visibility & Drift Detection

Diagrams that are created are almost never accurate. Being able to understand when an application drifts at the code-level doesn't happen. Bionic creates a real-time living architecture diagram by analyzing code, not infrastructure or user activity, so we are able to detect when your application architecture drifts from its intended structure or behavior.

Map every application, service, API, dependency and data source

Validate when application architecture drift occurs in real-time

Get application visibility in staging, QA, and production to prevent drift from occuring

Holistic App Security & Risk Posture

Unlike traditional application security tools, Bionic creates a holistic application architecture diagram that gives you the ability to contextualize critical CVEs, CWEs, and other security risks. Bionic runs in both pre-production and production, so you can remediate security risks and validate those changes were made before they hit production.

Visualize critical security risks and layer business context to improve prioritization

Identify hardcoded secrets, unauthenticated APIs, unencrypted communication, and more

Integrates with other application security tools to enhance your current application security program

Visualize Data Flows & Prevent Data Exposure

Bionic visualizes how services are consuming sensitive data, so it can detect where all potential attack surfaces live within your applications. By looking at the application architecture, we can prioritize critical risks within the applications that could result in unwanted data consumption and exposure.

Detect which data stores contain PII, PHI, and other sensitive data

Contextualize architecture risk based on how services are interacting with sensitive data

Prevent unwanted data consumption & exposure from occurring in production

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Detect Drift & Improve Your Application Security Posture

Bionic can close the gap in your security strategy by providing you code-level visibility that helps prevent attacks from happening.