Make Applications
Secure & Compliant

Visualize application architecture and identify architecture drift, security risks, and compliance violations in real-time.

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Customers That Love Bionic

Customers That

Love Bionic

Secure Every Service, API,
Dependency, and Data Flow

CI/CD adoption means production can change hourly, making it hard to manage the drift, security, and compliance of cloud applications. Bionic allows teams to automate the way they detect and prioritize risk, with complete transparency into what applications are doing in any environment, at any time.

Get a complete view of your applications’ interdependencies, data flows, and architecture

Unique Visibility

Flag unauthorized application architecture changes in seconds

Architecture Drift

Application queries, alerts, and developer guardrails help you validate and enforce architectural policies

Bionic at Work: Use Cases

The Compliance Challenge

  • Ensuring applications are compliant is expensive and time consuming.
  • Multiple regulations to follow, including GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, CCPA, etc.
  • Audits require coordinating extensive reviews, surveys, and team meetings.

The Bionic Solution

  • Streamline the audit process with more insight into your applications.

  • Monitor for critical changes that may impact compliance.

  • Control your applications with CI/CD guardrails to enforce compliance policies.

The Security Challenge

  • Security reviews don’t scale and require time-intensive collaboration between security teams and developers.
  • Application changes are being made all the time, even after security reviews.
  • Security teams don’t have a way to know when applications need follow-up review.

With Bionic

  • Eliminate the security and developer team silos to accelerate reviews.
  • Monitor for application changes that require security responses.
  • Enforce secure architectural policies in your CI/CD pipeline.

The Modernization Challenge

  • Cloud modernization requires knowing all your application’s dependencies, data flows, and architecture.
  • Mapping these components is time- and labor-intense, and will be out of date immediately.
  • Modernization becomes an endless process with operational instability.

With Bionic

  • Identify barriers to modernizing your applications.
  • Track the applications’ modernization efforts and report on progress.
  • Ensure developers maintain cloud-native principles with CI/CD guardrails.

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Make Applications Secure & Compliant

Developers push code into production every day, making it harder to visualize and manage cloud architectures. Bionic is agentless, making it easier to understand and prioritize risk in complex environments to ensure code and microservices are drift-free, secure, and compliant.

Case Study

Bionic Helped Large Financial Services Provider Modernize Its Applications


ESG Showcase

Application architectures are rapidly transforming. Developers leveraging microservices architectures and DevOps methodologies are capable of deploying new code into production at an extremely high velocity.

Bionic can help you detect critical risk in applications.