Application Visibility

Meet Your Living Architecture Diagram.

See every service, API, 3rd party call, library, data flow, and dependency that exists in your application environments.

CI/CD Means Apps Change Hourly
(Unlike your Docs).

Understanding your applications relies on documentation, Visio diagrams, JIRA tickets, and questionnaires to scope. This process is incredibly manual, takes weeks, and isn't accurate.


Stop Guessing Architecture Diagrams.

Applications and microservices are difficult to understand and visualize, so teams rely on documentation and tools to manually visualize architectures and data flows.

Want a Real-Time Living Architecture Map?

Bionic Creates a Real-Time Application Map

Bionic can reverse engineer any supported application and provides teams with granular visibility of application architecture, libraries, APIs, dependencies, data flows, and more.

Why Bionic?

Code-Driven Architecture Maps

Bionic scans your application architecture from the code-level. Essentially, it is performing a holistic static analysis test on all APIs to map every service, API, 3rd party call, dependency, and data flow that exists.

App Visibility
Data Flow

See Every Service, Library, API, and Data Flow.

Bionic enables you to identify all of the dependencies so you can create a more comprehensive plan and scope cloud migrations with a high degree of accuracy to migrate safely with less risk.

See Every Drift, Security, and Compliance Risk.

Bionic identifies every application architecture drift, security risk, and compliance violation that exists in your application architectures.


Integrates With CI/CD Toolset

Bionic integrates with your CI/CD and provisioning tools and automatically detects change as new updates are being pushed.

Agentless & Easy to Deploy

Bionic is agentless and easy to deploy so that you can begin visualizing your application architecture in minutes.

See for yourself.

Learn how Bionic can accurately visualize your application architectures to give you deep application insights.


Bionic creates a complete application architecture map so that you don’t have to rely on manual documentation to understand the dependencies and structure of monolithic applications.

APM tools analyze the user’s behavior on the application, which can be an incomplete picture of your application architecture, while Bionic shows you all of the potential data flows & dependencies of your app.

Bionic works with a large eCommerce enterprise whose mission-critical app failed which resulted in ~6 hours of downtime. You can integrate your APM tool with Bionic’s code-level visibility to eliminate long downtimes.

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Make Applications Secure & Compliant

Developers push code into production every day, making it harder to visualize and manage cloud architectures. Bionic is agentless, making it easier to understand and prioritize risk in complex environments to ensure code and microservices are drift-free, secure, and compliant.

Case Study

Bionic Helped Large Financial Services Provider Modernize Its Applications


Are Your CI/CD Deployments Secure and Compliant?

CI/CD pipelines today are optimized for functional testing and speed. Making code secure and compliant requires pipelines to detect security, compliance, and data privacy risk.