Architecture Drift

Detect Architecture Drift in Real-Time.

Bionic allows teams to ‘lock’ application architectures so it can detect any new API, library, data flow, port change, connection, and change within your apps.

Architectures Change Hourly with CI/CD.

With engineering teams deploying to production on-demand, your environments are constantly changing.

What Drifted? APIs, Config, Data Flows?

Infrastructure drift rarely happens with Infra-as-Code, but what about the behavior of your applications? Detecting architecture drift is incredibly hard for cloud-native apps.

Want to Govern Architecture Drift?

Bionic Identifies Drift in Real-Time

Bionic can reverse engineer any application and provide teams with granular visibility of its architectures, libraries, APIs, dependencies, and data flows. We can visualize application architecture drift in real-time to avoid code-level risk.

Why Bionic?

Baseline and Lock Application

Bionic is able to baseline and lock the architecture of any supported application in any environment.

Drift Lock

Detect Drift
in Real-Time

Bionic auto-scans application architecture after every CI/CD deployment or change, and is able to flag what drifted instantly.

Visualize the Impact of Drift.

Bionic provides a real-time living architecture map of your applicatios and highlights where drift is occuring, and what impact it has on security and compliance.


Integrates With CI/CD Toolset

Bionic integrates with your CI/CD and provisioning tools and automatically detects change as new updates are being pushed.

Agentless &
Easy to Deploy

Bionic is agentless and easy to deploy so that you can begin visualizing your application architecture in minutes.

See for yourself.

Learn how Bionic can accurately visualize your application architecture to identify architecture drift in real-time.


Bionic is able to baseline and lock in your application architecture so that when change occurs, any changes to the application can be marked as “drift”. This process is fully customizable, so you can set your own standards & policies.

Bionic can sit as a step in your CI/CD pipeline and automatically scan your application after every deployment or change. It is then able to flag drift based on the standards and policies that you set. 

APM tools are only able to show you how users navigate through your application (ie: traffic). Unlike APM tools, Bionic gives you a complete understanding of the potential of your application architecture (complete visibility).

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Make Applications Secure & Compliant

Developers push code into production every day, making it harder to visualize and manage cloud architectures. Bionic is agentless, making it easier to understand and prioritize risk in complex environments to ensure code and microservices are drift-free, secure, and compliant.

Case Study

Bionic Helped Large Financial Services Provider Modernize Its Applications


Are Your CI/CD Deployments Secure and Compliant?

CI/CD pipelines today are optimized for functional testing and speed. Making code secure and compliant requires pipelines to detect security, compliance, and data privacy risk.