Cloud Migrations Fail Without Dependencies

Understanding dependencies is everything when it comes to cloud migrations. If you get this wrong, the entire cloud migration can fail.

Right now, companies are relying on manual documentation and people to map and understand application dependencies and data flows. This process can take sometimes between 6-12 months and are prone to mistakes.

For those of you who are familiar with APM tools, they provide a map but that is only part of the picture. Why? The map is built based on network activity and user behavior. It does not paint the full picture of your application potential.

What we see from customers

Here are the common types of cloud migrations we see at Bionic:

  1. Cloud-to-cloud (cloud migration)
  2. On-prem to cloud (application modernization)
  3. Cloud-native development

For these to be successful, you need to have a good understanding of application dependencies and data flows. Planning is one aspect, but understanding interactions, behavior, and application complexity are what will ensure a successful cloud migration.

Why is it so important to understand dependencies?

With CI/CD, developers are making changes every hour, and when they make these changes, the interactions, behavior, and dependencies of your application change. At Bionic, we work with some of the largest enterprises to accelerate their cloud migration efforts.

Here is how they are trying to solve it today:

  • Hiring consultants
  • Relying on documentation
  • Internal stakeholders (people) & hiring

Here are the challenges they face:

  • The manual burden of documentation and people
  • Time to complete migration projects
  • Understanding application dependencies and data flows (complexity)

So with all of the tools in the world, and hiring experts to help execute their migrations, they still face the same problems.

Why do they take so long?

Simply put, it’s because of dependencies.

It takes forever to get an accurate picture of application dependencies because it is all done by people and documentation that are prone to error.

It takes 6-12 months to get an accurate representation of your application architecture and its dependencies – but what if it could only take 6-12 hours?

What if you could blueprint an application architecture in real-time?

Welcome to Bionic.

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