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Bionic Accelerates Cloud Modernization

Fully understand the architecture and dependencies of your applications so you can successfully move to the cloud.

The Cloud Modernization Challenge

Modernizing applications by moving them to the cloud takes an enormous amount of planning, even in the simplest lift-and-shift migrations. It’s essential to understand all the application dependencies, architecture, and dataflows to successfully modernize applications for the cloud. Collecting this information is a time and cost-intensive task, and with DevOps and agile development pushing changes daily, most of this information will be out of date before the modernization takes place. That means modernization becomes an never-ending process, creating new levels of operational instability.

The Bionic Cloud Modernization Solution

Bionic keeps cloud modernization from becoming a never-ending process. By mapping your application dependencies and architecture at scale, Bionic builds a clear roadmap for your cloud modernization and establishes CI/CD guardrails so your developers stay aligned with your cloud goals.


Identify your applications’ barriers to the cloud.


Track the progress of your modernization efforts.


Ensure developers maintain cloud strategy with CI/CD guardrails.

Automate and scale your cloud modernization efforts.


“IT teams are dealing with increasing complexity. By adopting Bionic and understanding how our applications are architected, we accelerate our modernization efforts and reduce operational risk.”

Frank Nazzaro
Chief Information Officer at Freddie Mac

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Take Control Over Your Application Chaos

Bionic is an agentless way to get control over your increasingly complex applications so you can manage, operate, and secure them faster and more efficiently.
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Bionic Helped Large Financial Services Provider Modernize Its Applications


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Application architectures are rapidly transforming. Developers leveraging microservices architectures and DevOps methodologies are capable of deploying new code into production at an extremely high velocity.