Code Vulnerabilities

Map and Slap Your Vulnerabilities.

Detect and visualize where vulnerabilities exist in your application architectures. 

Which Vulnerabilities To Fix First?

Every vulnerability is different. Scanning ten million lines of code or hundreds of OSS/code libraries could generate hundreds of findings. Which vulnerability will impact your business the most today?

Vulnerability Scan
Application Context

Lack Architecture & Business Context

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and Static Application Security Testing (SAST) focus at the unit/component level of applications. They don't scan see the bigger picture and lack business context when it comes to prioritizing findings.

Which Vulnerability Do You Fix First?

Bionic Prioritizes Vulnerabilities For You.

Bionic can automatically discover and map your applications so it can show where vulnerabilities are impacting your mission-critical services and sensitive data flows.

Why Bionic?

Detect Application-Wide

Bionic analyses every line of code in your end-to-end application architecture for new vulnerabilities and security anti-patterns.

Application Vulnerability View
Vulnerability Context

Prioritize with with Business & Data Context

Bionic uses business and application context to tell you which vulnerabilities to fix first. For example, which service or sensitive data flow is at risk from a vulnerability.

Detect Hardcoded Secrets & Security Anti-Patterns

Bionic goes beyond code vulnerabilities and detects other risks like hardcoded secrets and anti-patterns like lack of encryption and input validation.

Hardcoded secrets

Integrates With CI/CD Toolset

Bionic integrates with your CI/CD and provisioning tools and automatically detects change as new updates are being pushed.

Agentless & Easy to Deploy

Bionic is agentless and easy to deploy so that you can begin visualizing your application architecture in minutes.

See for yourself.

Learn how Bionic can accurately visualize your application architecture to identify architecture drift in real-time.


Bionic is able to completely map your application architecture and identify code vulnerabilities based on hardcoded parameters, libraries, and more. We can set customized policies and security standards to match your internal standards and policies.

Bionic prioritizes vulnerabilities based on business context. For example, if the presence of hardcoded parameters is a critical risk, we can mark the presence of hardcoded parameters as critical and automatically create JIRA tickets or Slack notifications to fix these issues.

Bionic works at the code level, so it is able to identify vulnerabilities in the application layer. Other tools look into infrastructure-level vulnerabilities or identify vulnerabilities in OSS libraries. 

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Make Applications Secure & Compliant

Developers push code into production every day, making it harder to visualize and manage cloud architectures. Bionic is agentless, making it easier to understand and prioritize risk in complex environments to ensure code and microservices are drift-free, secure, and compliant.

Case Study

Bionic Helped Large Financial Services Provider Modernize Its Applications


Are Your CI/CD Deployments Secure and Compliant?

CI/CD pipelines today are optimized for functional testing and speed. Making code secure and compliant requires pipelines to detect security, compliance, and data privacy risk.