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Continuous Governance

Govern Application Architectures at the speed and scale of CI/CD.

Available as SaaS or On-Premises Software

Integrate and Deploy Bionic in Minutes

Bionic is an agentless solution that deploys within minutes by seamlessly integrating with existing management and DevOps tools, whether they’re on-prem, virtual, cloud-based, or in Kubernetes containers. With no network taps or agents are involved, Bionic gives immediate value. 

Continuous Service Discovery

Bionic continuously discovers and analyzes your applications, services, APIs, data flows, and dependencies 24/7.

Discover applications across all environments: on-prem, cloud, and Kubernetes

Identify your entire architecture, APIs, and data flows

Identify all critical applications changes and drift in production

Accurate Architecture Maps

Bionic creates a real-time living architecture diagram by analyzing code, not infrastructure or network activity.

Map every service, API, dependency and data source

Agentless and passive data collection

Immediate results minutes after deploying

Govern Architectures

Bionic helps you enforce architectural governance in production by detecting anti-patterns, drift, or security vulnerabilities.

Get alerts on architecture drift and policy violations

Visualize where in your architecture drift, vulnerabilities and violations are occurring

Provide a feedback loop to engineering teams so architectures comply with standards

Automate Audits and Reports

Bionic gives you answers and insight on-demand so you can automate audits and certifications.

Templates for PII, PCI, ISO27001, FedRamp, and more

Powerful query engine

Share insight and reports in seconds

Bionic is...


Agentlessly deploys and delivers value in just minutes


Stays up to date with the latest application changes instantly

Cloud Agnostic

Delivers deep visibility and control across on-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments

Continuous Application Architecture Governance

Govern application architectures at the speed and scale of CI/CD with Continuous Governance.