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The Bionic Solution

Simple. Immediate. Holistic.

Comprehensive Asset Inventory

Bionic immediately creates an inventory of all your applications, giving you much needed insights, visibility, and control

Discover applications across all environments: on-prem, cloud, and Kubernetes

Identify your entire architecture, APIs, and data flows

Track critical application changes

Dependency and Data Flow Mapping

Bionic automatically creates full maps of your applications’ production environments and data flows

Show data flows and dependencies between services, data sources, or messaging queues

Only solution that is 100% agentless and passive

Immediate results minutes after deploying

Continuous Control

Bionic helps you enforce architectural governance in production and the development pipeline.

Get alerts on application changes that need follow-up

Stay on top of critical application changes as they happen

Enforce architectural governance in the CI/CD pipeline

Get Answers from Applications

Bionic gets the information you need from your applications.

Build custom queries and reports

Respond to changes instantly

Answer any question about your application

Simple Deployment

Bionic is an agentless solution that deploys within minutes by seamlessly integrating with existing management and DevOps tools, whether they’re on-prem, virtual, cloud-based, or in Kubernetes containers. With no network taps or agents are involved, Bionic gives immediate value. 

Bionic is...


Agentlessly deploys and delivers value in just minutes


Stays up to date with the latest application changes instantly


Delivers deep visibility and control across on-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments