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Bionic Ensures Compliance

Enforce your applications’ compliance with GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, CCPA, SOX, FedRAMP, and other data governance regulations.

The Compliance Challenge

Making sure applications comply with governmental and industrial regulations takes a huge amount of effort and resources. Whether it is GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, CCPA, SOX, or FedRAMP, understanding how data flows in a production environment is essential to staying compliant and avoiding major fines. But collecting this data can be time and cost inefficient, requiring members from multiple teams throughout the organization to coordinate an endless number of surveys, questionnaires, and team meetings.

The Bionic Compliance Solution

Bionic helps your organization streamline the auditing process. By eliminating the manual efforts involved to report on compliance controls and setting up guardrails to make sure development stays within the lines, Bionic makes sure your organization stays compliant.


Eliminate the security and development team silos.


Monitor for critical changes that may impact compliance.


Control your applications with CI/CD guardrails to enforce compliance policies.

Streamline audits and protect production from non-compliant changes.


“Effective risk and compliance management efforts truly require an up-to-date understanding of your applications’ detailed architecture. Manual efforts can’t keep up and often, CMDBs don’t have the detail. With Bionic, our visibility is always up-to-date and without the effort.”

Curtis Simpson

Chief Information Security Officer

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Take Control Over Your Application Chaos

Bionic is an agentless way to get control over your increasingly complex applications so you can manage, operate, and secure them faster and more efficiently.
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Bionic Helped Large Financial Services Provider Modernize Its Applications


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