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Bionic Streamlines Security Reviews

Assess risks to your deployment faster by understanding your applications better and eliminating the silos between security and development teams.

The Security Challenge

Security teams rely on accurate information from development teams in order to perform security architecture reviews and correctly model threats. But with agile and DevOps workflows, new code is being pushed into production every day—by the time the security team has the information it needs, it’s already out of date. That means only parts of applications can be validated, increasing the risk for the rest.

The Bionic Security Review Solution

Bionic keeps your security reviews and threat modeling on point. With its accurate application mapping and reporting, Bionic eliminates the information silos between security and developers, facilitates the security review process, and alerts you when application changes are made that need to be assessed.


Eliminate the security and developer team silos.


Monitor for changes that require security reviews.


Enforce secure architectural policies in your CI/CD pipeline.

Streamline your security processes and threat models to keep pace with development.


“Our business is becoming dependent on our ability to continuously release new software and enterprise applications. Automatically understanding the architecture of applications enables organizations to enforce secure architecture at scale and streamline compliance audits.”
Matthew Mccormack

CISO at a global pharmaceutical company

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Take Control Over Your Application Chaos

Bionic is an agentless way to get control over your increasingly complex applications so you can manage, operate, and secure them faster and more efficiently.
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Bionic Helped Large Financial Services Provider Modernize Its Applications


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Application architectures are rapidly transforming. Developers leveraging microservices architectures and DevOps methodologies are capable of deploying new code into production at an extremely high velocity.