Bionic’s Chief Architect, Matt Rose, breaks down application security one glass board session at a time.

Ep 1: History of Application Security

Welcome to the first episode of Bionic Uncensored! SAST, DAST, IAST, RASP, SCA…Bionic’s Chief Architect Matt Rose walks us through the history of application security.

Ep 2: Component vs Holistic Testing

Much like an airplane, think about testing the whole ecosystem, not just the cockpit controls or the landing gear or the slats or the rudder. Test the interaction, not just the individual component.

Ep 3: The Space Between

The space between is the interrelationship of the custom code to the open-source, the frameworks, the third parties, the APIs, and the connections of everything.

Ep 4: Shift Left is Not Perfect

The further “left” you go in the DevOps process, the less you focus on the holistic picture of your application ecosystem. The less you focus on the holistic picture, the more likely you are to miss architectural risk.

Ep 5: Structured vs Unstructured Risk

We have just one question: how is the security & risk profile of your applications? Just like your applications, understanding security & risk is extremely difficult.